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Gourmet Food Guide

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Barbecue Party - Fantastic Ideas and Must-Try's

It's definitely a fact that barbecue parties are everyone's favorite celebrations; to come up with the best one, you don't have to spend too much though. Many people would expect the typical food such as burgers and pasta, so why not serve something different right?


Below are tips to spice up your barbecue party by serving great dishes and food:


Why don't we begin and focus with the most famous condiments in every household, being ketchup and mustard. The key to great food is actually the sauce. Read more about this at When you head to the grocery store, try to find a barbecue sauce that's rarely served and one that has a distinct taste to it - either spicy or sweet. There is not just one kind of barbecue sauce available, but a myriad of options that will surely liven up one's taste buds. But make sure you match the sauce with the food; for example, white sauce should always be paired with chicken. When serving fish, you can use either a Japanese fish sauce or a BBQ sweet sauce to bring out the flavor of the dish.


Aside from the award winning BBQ sauce, salsa is a staple Barbecue party staple that goes well with corn chips. Whether a salsa is seen as  dip for chips or sauce - the point is it's the best thing that ever happened to parties! But that's not where it ends because there can still be different ways to use and present a salsa in a party.


And the best way to serve is always fresh - so try to create your special version on the night of the party and preserve in the refrigerator and ready for the morning. Be adventurous with  your ingredients - with the typical tomatoes, add some fruits and veggies too.


There's a trick to creating a great salad in barbecue parties and it starts with requesting friends to bring at least 3 types of salad. Check the salad content and if it all matches, then make a giant salad gourmet that will have everything in there. Learn more about this in the site at This will work if the salads brought are matching but if not, find a way to make a unique salad bar for you.


Even your grills can benefit from this salad explosion; with that, get a portion of the salad and make sure you get it in the grill for that added touch.


What perfect way to balance the heavy and solid barbecue menu than with an excellent desert. Rather than serving ice cream or cake, why not opt for a grilled dessert for a change? Your unique way of cooking and presenting your dessert may just be the reason why people will keep on talking about how great your party was for a long time.